Paper Collective

Paper Collective is a print design company based out of Denmark, who bring together designers, artists and illustrators to create inspirational and iconic graphic prints. Paper Collective is a sustainable operation, producing locally in Denmark using only high-quality, FSC-marked material and under certification of the Swan mark (The Swan eco-label is the official sustainability label for the Nordic countries).

Paper Collective also donate a portion of all sales of their art prints to a good cause.

This year, they are commencing their biggest project yet.  They have started the process of building a new school in rural Nepal in collaboration with our partner Human Practice Foundation.
The project is fully financed by the sales of Paper Collective posters. So every time you buy a poster here, you play a part in this project.

There is a framework agreement in place with the local government for the ongoing staffing, running and maintaining the school once it is completed.  Completion is anticipated to be December 2019.

We do not hold stock in this brand and only place to order.  We place orders with our supplier every 4-6 weeks.  We take indent orders between cycles, either click pre-order now on the item in this range or contact us for more information at We will also contact you at certain times of the year to alert you to order deadlines.

Minimum order value for FIRST order is is $450 exclusive of gst value.  All top-up orders must be a minimum of $200 ex. gst value.

MINIMUM QUANTITIES of 2 units per print design.

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