A collaboration between Paper Collective and All the Way to Paris, two Copenhagen based design companies. A collection of educational, kind, loving and well-made prints based on iconic graphics and poetic illustrations.

MADO is Japanese for window, and the designs act as a window to the world for your children.  A window that provides insight, outlook and through which many an adventure awaits.

Play, live, dare and love with MADO.

We do not hold stock in this brand and only place to order.  We place orders with our supplier every 4-6 weeks.  We take indent orders between cycles, either click pre-order now on the item in this range or contact us for more information at We will also contact you at certain times of the year to alert you to order deadlines.

Minimum order value for FIRST order is is $450 exclusive of gst value.  All top-up orders must be a minimum of $200 ex. gst value.

MINIMUM QUANTITIES of 2 units per print design.

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Mado | Alphabet Spaghetti ENG (yellow) Regular price $50
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Mado | Soft Gallery | Click Click Regular price $30
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Mado | Soft Gallery | Lemon Regular price $30
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Mado | Soft Gallery | Magic Place Regular price $30
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Mado | Friends | Suzie the Vegan Sausage Regular price $30
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