Father Rabbit Stationery

Father Rabbit doesn’t subscribe to some deeply intellectual philosophy, just an appreciation of simplicity. That things should be done right, or not at all. Father Rabbit is not about grand gestures, but elevating those mundane everyday tasks. Embracing the simple pleasure of a well made bed (with ironed pillowcases) and completing a bathroom clean with fresh cut flowers. His heart sings with the freedom of organisation. Books in line, cans facing out, drawers tidy, garden weeded, tools away. Ticking each job off. Finishing one, before starting the next. Those simple little things – individually they aren’t life changing, but the culmination of them together make your home at once a well presented, thoughtfully considered and pleasing place to be.

Minimum order value for all orders is $200 exclusive of GST.
Any order less than the minimum $200 will have a $15 freight charge applied.  All orders over the $200 minimum value freight will be charged at 4% of the order value.

Minimum order quantities  as below.
Cards - 5 units per design
Gift Tags - 12 units per design
Wrapping Paper - 12 units per design 
Diary, Notebooks and Planners - 6 units per design


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